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Cardinals defense group once again stood out. Running back Blount red ball, defensive end Robert Frost – Rocker (Frostee Rucker) shoot the ball, Carles – Campbell (Calais Campbell) in the Patriots picked up the line of the field 33 yards off the ball. Cardinals running back David – Johnson Road rushed the ball one yard score, the Cardinals in the third quarter to chase the score 17:14.
The fourth quarter began, the Patriots came to the Cardinals half, but because of two offensive blocking illegal (Offensive Holding) did not foul beaten third gear conversion, kicker Geest Koski 53 yards free kick steady steady shooting, the Patriots 20:14 lead six minutes. Subsequently, the Cardinals with David – Johnson rushed the ball a record 45 yards to the Patriots red zone by Fitzgerald touchdown catch. Cardinals successful go-ahead 1 minute, 21:20. Score overtake the Patriots unhurried, they completed three third gear conversion, the establishment of a wave of attacks for up to six minutes, kicker Geest Koski credited with a free kick 32 yards ahead by two points, 23:21.
Cardinals regained the ball in the game 3 minutes 44 seconds. Veteran Fitzgerald took over the game, he was in a play ball three times, helping the team 29 yards to the New England half-line. But then the 47-yard free kick attempt, long open players – Carmelo Canaday (Kameron Canaday) kick-off is slightly lower, supporting players, Drew punt hand – Butler (Drew Butler) touch the ball a little mistake, kicker Chandler – Catan Salo (Chandler Catanzaro) misses the target. Patriots away two final 23:21 win over the Cardinals.
Cardinals aspect, Carson – Palmer 37 pass 24, 271 yards, 2 touchdowns 0 interceptions. David – Johnson rushed the ball 16 times, 89 yards, 1 touchdown, and 43 ball a few yards. – Larry Fitzgerald 81 yards, 2 touchdowns. – Michael Floyd 61 yards. Patriots aspect, Jimmy – Garo Poirot 33 pass 24, 264 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions. 22 Blount rushed the ball 70 yards, 1 touchdown.

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Main running back David – Johnson (David Johnson) became the focus of attack Cardinals. II began, Johnson helped the Cardinals to advance all the way to the range free kick, but then was defensive end Chris Palmer – Long (Chris Long) sack, Cardinals 39 yards in the other line had to abandon again kick. Subsequently, the Cardinals defense group stood out, former Patriots, now the Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler – Jones (Chandler Jones) third gear sack quarterback Garo Poirot old club and patriotic Blazers line 39 yards off the ball caused Garo Poirot. However, since the Cardinals taunt opponents eat a breach of sportsmanship in mind (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) foul celebrate, only 46 yards from the line of the party began to attack. Fortunately, the Cardinals did not waste the opportunity, they passed David – Johnson rushed the ball all the way to advance to the New England 3 yards line, and ultimately by the veteran wide receiver Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) catch touchdowns. The score became 10: 7. After the two teams in a row out of third gear, no contribution in the first half. Both sides with 10: 7 score into the second half.
The second half, the Patriots took the lead attack. It is worth mentioning that the second half of the first biography Garo Poirot is destroyed, Garo Poirot caught his advancing three yards passing. Patriots advance to the Cardinals half, rookie wide receiver Malcolm – Mitchell (Malcolm Mitchell) then passing in the distance, advancing the ball 28 yards, then running back Lejialeite – Blount (LeGarrette Blount) Road rushed the ball eight yards touchdown. Patriots further expand the lead, 17: 7. After losing Cardinals offense is still not improved, in his own half forced to punt again.